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#4 on Relevant’s Top 10 List

Grateful that Who Is My Enemy made #4 on Relevant’s Top 10 Books of 2011: Says John Pattison in the review: The starting point for Lee Camp’s stunning new book is that Christians should take Jesus at His word when He said, “Love your enemies.” This requires a commitment to...

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Relevant Magazine Review

Grateful for review from Nov-Dec 2011 Relevant Magazine Review: “stunning new book… Who Is My Enemy? is not a comfortable read by any means, but it expands the spirit, and is one of the truly essential books of 2011.”...

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Patheos Book of the Month

Grateful the Patheos has selected Who Is My Enemy as Book of the Month. Review by Greg Garrett, of Baylor University here. Review by Jason Byassee, fellow in theology and leadership at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School, and asks questions here....

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