Mere Discipleship

Some lectures on Mere Discipleship:

1. “Constantinian Cataracts.”
2. “Why Going to Heaven is Not the Point.”
3. “On Christian Non-violence.”

Mere Discipleship


“What a book. This is one of those books that you wear out carrying around, marking up, and loaning out. Camp’s words are timeless, and timely. And the crazy thing is this: the Church is actually ready to hear them. In post-Religious Right America, there is an entire generation that is not willing to settle for the dream of America over the dream of God. There is a hunger for a Christianity that is not just something we believe but something we live and embody, a church filled not just with believers and worshippers but with disciples. Lee Camp points us towards a Christianity that is worth believing in.”
—Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution

“Be sure you are ready for solid food before beginning Lee Camp’s Mere Discipleship. You will find here nothing of America’s pop religion. Nothing of what some are calling electronic soul molesters, hurling to hearth and household a gospel to ‘take up your cross and relax,’ or ‘take up your cross and get rich.’ I found myself frightened at times, yet exulting in the knowledge that I was exposing myself to tough truth about the faith I claim. An uncommon experience not to be rushed.”
—Will D. Campbell, author of Brother to a Dragonfly

“That discipleship is a frontier issue in our day is now being widely recognized. With this book Lee Camp helps us to integrate peacemaking perspectives into what it means to be a disciple in an increasingly violent and belligerent world. This book will challenge—and enhance—prevailing views of what it means to truly follow Jesus in the 21st Century.”
—Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways

“[Camp] has written a book that is so insightful and so penetrating that I find it difficult to know how best to portray its power to a potential readership. The book is called Mere Discipleship. While faithfully exploring the New Testament meaning of discipleship, Camp teases out the contemporary implications of that theme in ways that many readers might find both terrifying and threatening.”
—Richard T. Hughes, The Christian Chronicle

“At last, a solid book on discipleship that presents the humble, sacrificial ways of Jesus as the model for all who follow Him. Grounding his ideas in biblical study, Camp amplifies a vision of authentic discipleship. . . . Camp admirably meets the challenge of writing a book that could live up to its title, Mere Discipleship. The book merits a broad spectrum of readers willing to take the imitation of Jesus seriously.”
—Ted Lewis, CBA Marketplace