• Probably one of the most important books in theology/Christian ethics published this past year.

  • Stunning… Who Is My Enemy? is not a comfortable read by any means, but it expands the spirit, and is one of the truly essential books of 2011.

  • Who Is My Enemy? is an invitation to start working on the log in our own eye so we can more clearly see into the eyes of others.

    Shane Claiborne Author, activist
  • Who Is My Enemy? is truly the best book I know for all Christians who want to be faithful to Jesus while figuring out how to relate to Islam.

    Glen Stassen Professor and author of Living the Sermon on the Mount
  • When does an astute theological inquiry become utterly engaging? When it opens each of us up to the gracious source of our own existence and lets the scales drop from our eyes. Lee Camp lets us see this process in him, thereby making it possible for us to adopt a new way of seeing. Read this book at your peril, for you will surely discover how entering into another faith tradition can enliven your own.

    David Burrell, CSC Professor of Ethics and Development, Uganda Martyrs University
  • Lee Camp is courageous, and his courage is to believe that what Jesus taught is relevant today. The argument in this book is an old one with some surprising if not inflammatory twists. But the sad reason this book must be written is that Christians continue to ignore the One who said ‘love your enemies.’ Waging war and following Jesus are incompatible. Do we have the courage to hear and follow Jesus?

    Scot McKnight Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University