Nashville's Theological Variety Show

Tokens... embraces and dances with difficult and divisive issues, weaving them into the tapestry of a show so full of warmth and heart, that the audience is ready and willing to engage with the something new, something that might make them uncomfortable otherwise. . . . [It is] not mere entertainment, it is not mere nostalgia, or Americana, it is a prophetic re-imagining of what life in this world looks like; a life with music and laughter and dancing and, yes, even banjos.
— Ben Howard, On Pop Theology

Tokens Show is Nashville's Theological Variety Show. It may be more accurate to say that it is the world's only Theological Variety Show. And that it's pretty dang fun. Each episode is anchored by a house band of some of the best musicians in the world, and then we welcome all manner of guests: brilliant artists representing more Grammy and Dove and IBMA and Academy of Country Music and Pulitzer and poet laureate awards than we can count; professors from Yale and Harvard and Stanford; Country Music Hall of Famers; journalists and activists who have helped bend American culture toward justice; performers who’ve sold millions and those who’ve never recorded an album, but all having some lyric or melody which moves the heart and soul to pay attention to the grace of living; we talk about stuff that matters, and honor truth-tellers, justice-seekers, and courageous acts of mercy. We like satire, smarts, and songs, and practice hospitality. We celebrate Most Outstanding manifestations of artistic beauty, and we laugh a lot. And we always break down false dichotomies.

Actually, it is amazing
— The Tennessean

We partner with the many people who long for spaces in which beauty and justice and mercy may be not merely discussed but embodied—embodied and performed in the midst of a world riddled with hostility and partisanship. And we celebrate the way they do so with perseverance and kindness and humility. It is no small endeavor, and so we always seek to honor those who do such art informed by intellect, social criticism, truth-telling and good humor.

We are off-and-running for our second decade of shows. Come see us in Nashville, and buy tickets to the next show by clicking here now.


Smart, satirical, funny and instructive without being a pain in the butt
— Roderick Dwayne Belin
I love this show.
— Vince Gill
Tokens transcends mere entertainment, ascending instead to the level of education, even enlightenment
— Ocular Fusion