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Scandalous Witness:
A Little Political Manifesto for Christians

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Table of Contents:


Proposition 1: History Is Not One Damn Thing after Another

Proposition 2: The End of History Has Already Begun

Proposition 3: American Hope Is A Bastard

Proposition 4: Christianity Is Neither A Prostitute Nor A Chaplain

Proposition 5: The United States Is Not the Hope of the World

Proposition 6: The United States Was Not, Is Not, and Will Not Be a Christian Nation

Proposition 7: How Christian Values, and the Bible, Corrupt Christianity

Proposition 8: Every Empire Falls

Proposition 9: Christian Partisanship is Like a Fist-Fight on the Titanic

Proposition 10: Hostile Forces Have a Role in the Unfolding of History

Proposition 11. Christianity Is Not a Religion; Christianity Is a Politic

Proposition 12: Liberal Political Puissance Is Not the Goal

Proposition 13: Exemplary Political Witness Is the Goal

Proposition 14: Christianity Is Not Counter-Cultural

Propositions 15: Christian Engagement Must Always Be Ad Hoc

Who Is My Enemy:
Questions American Christians Must Face About Islam, and Themselves

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Stunning… Who Is My Enemy? is not a comfortable read by any means, but it expands the spirit, and is one of the truly essential books of 2011.
— Relevant Magazine
Who Is My Enemy? is truly the best book I know for all Christians who want to be faithful to Jesus while figuring out how to relate to Islam.
— Glen Stassen, Fuller Theological Seminary
When does an astute theological inquiry become utterly engaging? When it opens each of us up to the gracious source of our own existence and lets the scales drop from our eyes. Lee Camp lets us see this process in him.... Read this book at your peril, for you will surely discover how entering into another faith tradition can enliven your own.
— David Burrell, University of Notre Dame
Lee Camp is courageous, and his courage is to believe that what Jesus taught is relevant today. The argument in this book is an old one with some surprising if not inflammatory twists. But the sad reason this book must be written is that Christians continue to ignore the One who said ‘love your enemies.’
— Scot McKnight, North Park University

Mere Discipleship: 
Radical Christianity in a Rebellious World

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Mere Discipleship is the best single book on Christian discipleship I’ve ever read... I couldn’t recommend a book more than I recommend this one!
— Gregory Boyd, author of Myth of a Christian Nation
A book for our times.... a vital critique of the cultural captivity ....lucid and immensely useful book
— Christopher D. Marshall, Victoria University of Wellington
A must read...
— Phil Kenneson, Milligan College
This is one of those books that you wear out carrying around, marking up, and loaning out... He points us towards a Christianity that is worth believing in.
— Shane Claiborne, author of Jesus for President
entertaining and serious book... gives us good work that is a check against the danger of taking ourselves too seriously.
— Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University
Be sure you are ready for solid food before beginning Lee Camp’s Mere Discipleship. You will find here nothing of America’s pop religion. Nothing of what some are calling electronic soul molesters, hurling to hearth and household a gospel to ‘take up your cross and relax,’ or ‘take up your cross and get rich.’ I found myself frightened at times, yet exulting in the knowledge that I was exposing myself to tough truth about the faith I claim. An uncommon experience not to be rushed.
— Will Campbell, author of Brother to a Dragonfly
What a book! Profoundly biblical and revolutionary in its implications, this is surely the finest statement on the meaning of Christian discipleship that I have ever read. If you are not prepared to have your assumptions challenged and your life turned upside down, then by all means, don’t read this book.
— Richard Hughes, Pepperdine University