Experience: I'm grateful for two decades of university teaching experience, and have had opportunity to lecture or teach at numerous universities in the United States, as well as South America, Europe, and Africa.

Awards and grants: Three times been awarded an "Outstanding Teacher Award" as well as a permanent designation as "Outstanding University Professor" at Lipscomb University. Writing, research, and production work has garnered awards and support from The John Templeton Foundation, The Louisville Institute / Lilly Foundation, Science and Technology for Emerging Adult Ministries Initiative at Fuller Theological Seminary, the BioLogos Foundation, and more. 

Current areas of lecture and speaking interest include: 

  • "What the Ethicists are NOT Telling You: The Grave Damage 'Ethics' is Doing to Human Flourishing"
  • "Success:  How to be a World-Class, Respectable War-Criminal, and other Morality Tales"
  • Habits and the nature of human flourishing
  • Inter-religious dialog
  • Creativity
  • Religion and politics
  • Virtue theory 
  • Technology, and the Terrifying Questions the Ethicists are Ignoring
  • War and peace-making: Islam and Christianity 

I'd be delighted to come speak at your gathering. If interested, please contact:

Bragg Management
940 Davidson Drive
Nashville, TN  37205

Info {at} braggmanagement.com

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